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How to Order Butterfly Valve
How to place order for the Valmate Butterfly Valves?
We would like to make Valmate Valve's model more friendly to you, Model for Valmate Butterfly Valves will be built as:

Valve Structures:
1. Valve's Type: 
        UButterfly Valve    CW Wafer Check Valve

2. Connection Type:

W Wafer Type     B Butt Welding Type

L Lug Type          C Clamp Type        F Flanged Type


3. Sealing Structure Type:

C Concentric Shaft

1 Single Offset     2 Double Offset 

3 Triple Offset      L Link Level Offset


4. Driving Type:

H Handle Level    P Pneumatic Actuator

G Worm Gear     S Added for Signal Warning

E Electric Actuator  YHydraulic Actuator



5. Pressure Rating:

125ANSI Class 125      150ANSI Class 150

300ANSI Class 300      600ANSI Class 600

PN10DIN PN10           PN16 DIN PN16

PN25 DIN PN25          PN40DIN PN40

10K  JIS 10K                   15KJIS 15K

AW5 AWWA LF504      AW4AWWA LF47



6. Valve Size:

2 DN50              14 DN350   40 DN1000

3 DN80              16 DN400   48 DN1200

4 DN100            18 DN450   56 DN1400

5 DN125            20 DN500   64 DN1600

6 DN150            24 DN600   72 DN1800

8 DN200            28 DN700   80 DN2000

10 DN250          32 DN800

12 DN300          36 DN900


Body Material:

7. Body Materials:

GCI Gray Cast Iron ASTM A216-B. GG-25. FC250

DCI Ductile Cast Iron ASTM A395.GGG-40, FCD500



304 ASTM A351 CF8          304L ASTM A351 CF3

316 ASTM A351 CF8M       316L ASTM A351 CF3M

CN7M ASTM A351 CN7M (Alloy 20)

1.0619DIN 1.0619           1.4308DIN 1.4308

1.4408DIN 1.4408          1.4581 DIN 1.4581

S13JIS SCS13A                    S14JIS SCS14A


Shaft / Stem:

8. Shaft / Stem

A ASTM A182 F6a      6 ASTM A182 F316

1 AISI 410                    L ASTM A182 F316L

2 AISI 420                   M MONEL K500

3 AISI 304                    7 SS17-4PH

4 ASTM A182 F304    8 AISI 316

The first mark P added for Tapped Pin, S added for Spline Shaft. D added for Double Shaft designed.



9. Valve Disc

P Same as Body Plated   X Same as Body No Plated

B Aluminum Bronze

D Ductile Iron A395. GGG-40

L Stainless Steel 316L. CF3M

6 Stainless Steel 316. CF8M

4 Stainless Steel 304. CF8

M Monel                                I Inconel

H Hastelloy                         A Alloy 20




10. Soft Seats / Hard Seat

Soft Seats

           E EPDM    CCR                 N NBR           V VITON

           JJIR             IFIPM              P Neoprene   F PTFE

           SSi-G         RNatural-p     BBuna-N

Phenolic or Aluminum backup seat. please add b, such as Nb,Eb


Hard Seats

ASame As Body                 MMonel Overlay

6Harden SS316 Overlay    4Harden SS304 Overlay

313Cr (ASTM A217)            2Alloy 20 Overlay

TStellite Overlay



11. Sealing Ring Materials

Soft Sealing

X Machined sealing face on Disc

          Hard Sealing

Metal Laminated Sealing

L6 SS316 + Grafoil Ring

LL SS316L + Grafoil Ring

L4 SS304 + Grafoil Ring

LO SS304L + Grafoil Ring

LA Alloy 20 + Grafoil Ring

LM Monel + Grafoil Ring

L1 Inconel + Grafoil Ring

LH Hastelloy + Grafoil Ring

LP SS316 + PTFE 

Metal U-Type Sealing



U4 SS304


UA Alloy 20

UM Monel

UI Inconel

UH Hastelloy