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Gate/Globe/Check Valve

Reference Standards

ANSI Standards –  American National Standards Instiitute

B1.1    Unified screw threads

B2.1    Pipe threads (Except Dryseal)

B16.5   Steel pipe flanges flanged fittings

B16.10  Face to face and end-to-end dimensions of ferrous valves

B16.11  Forged steel fittings, socket welding and threaded\

B16.20  Ring-joint gaskets and grooves for steel pipe flanges

B16.21  Nonmetallic gaskets for pipe flanges

B16.25  Buttwelding ends

B16.34  Steel valves flanged and buttwelding end

B31.1   Power piping

B31.2   Fuel gas piping

B31.3   Chemical plant and petroleum refining piping

B31.4   Liquid petroleum transportation piping systems

B31.5   Refrigeration piping systems


API Standards-American Petroleum Institute

6D     Specification for pipeline valves

598            Valve inspection and test

600    Steel gate valves, Flanged or Buttwelding ends

607            150-Lb, Light-wall, Corrosion-resistant gate valve for refinery use


MSS Standard Practices-Manufactures Standardization Society of The Valve and Fittings Industry

SP-6   Finishes for Contact faces of connecting end flanges of ferrous valves and fittings

SP-25  Standard marking system for Valves, Fitting Flanges and Unions

SP-42  150 Lb. Corrosion resistant cast flanged valves

SP-44  Steel pipe line flanges

SP-45  Bypass and drain connection standard

SP-55  Quality standard for steel casting-visual method

SP-61  Hydrostatic testing of steel valves

SP-82  Valves pressure testing methods

Trim Material to API 600:

ANSI Class 150 Test Pressre to API 598:

ANSI Class 300 Test Pressure to API 598:

ANSI Class 600 Test Pressure to API 598:

ANSI Class 900 Test Pressure to API 598:

ANSI Class 1500 Test Pressure to API 598:

Test Pressure to API 598 for Pressure Sealed Gate Valve:

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Forging Materials
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